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GEDEX Database Location

GEDEX stores its cases and contacts database into a folder on your own computer's hard disk. Therefore, the privacy of your cases is much less committed with GEDEX than with other products that manage their data online.

In GEDEX local area networks, that folder is always on the server computer. If you use a single computer license, the GEDEX database is stored in the hard drive of your computer.

This help page explains how to find the exact location of the folder containing the GEDEX database GEDEX. This information is vital for backup and also to be able to recover backups if necessary.

Where is the GEDEX Database located

- Start GEDEX as usual.

- In the box where you normally search customer names, type base de datos (meaning database)

- The program will close and the GEDEX database folder will open.

- If GEDEX says there are no results, it is because you are using an old version of the program. In that case, please upgrade it and then repeat these steps.

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