What is WinRSS

WinRSS is a complete and easy system for the reception of syndicated news available in the net. News displayed by WinRSS are frequently called syndicated news, and they come from newspapers, magazines, web portals, weblogs and many more media. WinRSS supports news in the most popular formats available: Atom, RSS, RDF and XML.

It's based on RSS and RDF/RSS, an XML specification used for distributing news, product announcements, discussion threads, and other assorted content as channels. WinRSS also supports GeoURL data, allowing to discover the physical location of a channel. We even included FOAF support for WinRSS, which will show personal information about any channel's author.

Recommended software for reading RSS feeds in Windows

Please refer to our new guide for more details: Recommended software for reading RSS feeds in Windows.

Thank you!

WinRSS has been discontinued. We want to thank all our loyal fans and accomplices.

Sadly, the new taxes applied by the allegedly corrupt Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy (Partido Popular) made WinRSS an impossible to monetize product, as we offered it for free.

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