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Adquire GEDEX usage licenses and become a legal user with all the following advantages:

 Access to the full commercial version (without shareware limitations and without loosing your already entered data)
 Free access to future updates ( downloading software updates from our website)
 Use GEDEX without periodic payments, and without additional costs (except for new software installations, purchase of additional usage licenses, software activation, purchase of new computers).
 Technical support by qualified personell (for free by phone and e-mail more)
 You will be able to collaborate in the enhancement of new versions of the product.

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GEDEX usage licenses get assigned one for each computer, not one for each user nor simmultaneous use; that is, each computer where GEDEX is installed requires an usage license.
If used in your network, buy licenses only for the computers where you install GEDEX, not for each computer in your network.
If used in your network, the server computer can also be used in the same way as the rest of your client computers or network stations.
Usage licenses must be activated on each computer where you install GEDEX and can be activated and moved to new computers only during the technical support period (more info).
Technical support period is limited: single usage licenses and server licenses include 6 months, the rest, 3 months. You can extend the technical support period in the future, just when you need it.
There is a customer's website where you will be able to download GEDEX and future updates using your customer code.

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