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Localization of BRiNDYS Software products

BRiNDYS thanks help with all our products' translations. If you are willing (and able) to donate some of your time in return for receiving a localised version of any of our products, contact us!

Translations in progress with your help


Validate the quality of a translation

From time to time, Brindys Software receives translated files from users asking us to make a localized version. Because we here do not know all these languages, it's difficult for us to find out if the translation is of good quality. If your grammar and technical language skills are good, but you don't have time to translate yourself, you might help us in evaluating released and unreleased translations, telling us grammar errors, for example.


To help us getting any of our programs translated into your language, please contact us.

You are also welcome to send us your opinion on Brindys products' existing language versions. There may be times, especially around new releases, that we are unable to answer your request at once.

Thank you all for your collaboration and help.

BRiNDYS Software