FEED Protocol

What are rss: and feed: links ?

Addresses like   feed:https://example.org/rss.xml   are typical feed protocol URI. They are used (at the moment of this writing) by feed readers/aggregators and other utilities related to feed processing.

These two protocols (feed and rss) allow syndication of feeds (like RSS or Atom) into your feed reader/aggregator software (like WinRSS, Vox Lite, FeedReader and others).


The <feedurl> part of the URL is the address of any valid feed, for instance, an http file. As with current web browsers, https: is the default protocol:


Other protocols can be used, like network shared resources or local filesystem files. Use their corresponding syntax to form a valid feed: URI:

feed:file:///c|/my%20documents/news.xml   (this is a Windows file)

feed://ftp://user:password@ftp.host.com/path/index.xml  (FTP file transfer protocol)

feed://file://\\server\share\index.xml   (a Windows networked file)

feed:file:///server/share/index.xml  (another valid network format)

Adding commands

An extended format for the feed: protocol allows the inclusion of commands into the URI, which can also include parameters, and even sequences of commands.

Extended feed protocol syntax

The extended feed protocol URI syntax includes one or more extensions. Each extension might be a single command or a command with parameters.

feed://<feedurl>  (basic syntax)

feed://<extension><feedurl>  (extended syntax)

feed://<extension> <extension>...<feedurl>  (extended syntax with many extensions)

For further information check feed protocol extensions.

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