GEDEX - User's Manual

Customize GEDEX to your firm needs


Each office is different. There are many ways to refer to simmilar concepts, for example "open cases" or "shelved matters".

To make it more friendly and easier to understand, some GEDEX expressions can be customized to suit your office tradition.

Customize it using Configuration menuMain configurationPractice.

Fiscal Identification

Depending on your location, default applicable tax rates can be defined.

Valures defined here will be aplied to all economic notes created from now on. Previously created notes will not be affected. That way you can state different values on different notes.

You can determine the name or fiscal identification of your firm, as well as fiscal identification codes and addresses.

Configure all these options at the Configuration menuMain configurationFiscal.

Name of your Office, Company or Firm

After installing GEDEX on a new computer, a dialog window will request your Office or Firm name.

This name will be used to identify you as client when starting the software (your Office or Firm name will be presented at the log in screen), and also to generate automatically some footers in your printed reports.

The name will be displayed only after software activation, never before that step.

The system will request a contact email address. You are free to leave this request unanswered (you can leave the field blank).

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GEDEX Frequently Asked Questions

GEDEX User's Manual

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