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GEDEX (also called Brindys GEDEX) is a software product created by us, Brindys Software, a software company from Spain.

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GEDEX is also avaible at these select sites including CNET, Softonic, Tucows, Softpedia, Uptodown:

GEDEX en Softpedia       GEDEX en Softonic       Brindys GEDEX is Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 compatible       Brindys GEDEX is Windows 7 compatible                               GEDEX in Tucows       GEDEX in CNET Download.com

Technical information for webmasters:

Permanent download link is # although to be able to display all downloads and plugins available, instead of that link please point to this download page in English or this download page in Spanish.
If you are behind a firewall, use the following data to verify downloads and avoid tampering:
File name: sfxgedex!6801.exe   File size: 7.183.969 bytes   CRC-32: 460674bd   MD5: d2cec629258e5ed4157469c37a670a50   SHA-1: dd124c8ef5e384d8778f9e94f4c2d67fbaef62a1
File name: sfxgedex!6703.exe   File size: 7.155.365 bytes   CRC-32: aebf8858   MD5: dabaed7c7df4bc788a2d3edc258a701d   SHA-1: 7487e6a840dd734616cf6699af94ea84db603bc6
File name: sfxgedex!6661.exe   File size: 7.153.069 bytes   CRC-32: 67eb1a34   MD5: 558939fc9a2985ecedca408e850090c5   SHA-1: de7576e07d0e34727979241a872db52b446bc4cd
File name: sfxgedex!6655.exe   File size: 7.152.645 bytes   CRC-32: 16c3ac08   MD5: f75e5b61f2b5adf07deb8680527dbd24   SHA-1: 64a928d80930b57a626e0e579d15aa38ff2f1739
File name: sfxgedex!6617.exe   File size: 7.143.413 bytes   CRC-32: 97e13695   MD5: e2422d7f5dba421795fc4f5ad709518c   SHA-1: 6cd889862a71a7009497d121fad1785ece939492

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