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GEDEX External Alerts List

GEDEX reviews your legal files and contacts daily for you, even if you do not enter the application. Various aspects are then checked, such as deadlines, late collections and payments, pending or delayed actions, and others. You can even configure whether you want to receive notifications about anniversaries from your contacts in advance.

All of these notices appear on the GEDEX External Alerts List. This list is shared with other Brindys Software apps.

You can review the aforementioned List of External Notices at any time, without having to enter GEDEX (hence calling them "External"). To view the list, right-click on the GEDEX icon and choose "Open Alerts".

Take the precaution of gradually resolving the pending actions, to avoid saturating the GEDEX List of External Notices, which has been limited in capacity so as not to overwhelm you due to excess information.

Individual alerts

In addition to the GEDEX List of External Alerts, each notice will also be shown individually in the new External Alerts Window:

Alternatives to view the Actions

To easily consult the pending work, the next court hearings, legal deadlines about to expire, pending tasks to be resolved and other steps, you have the Agendas of Terms, Appointments and Tasks.

Keep your GEDEX technical support service renewed

The automatic reminder windows and the list of External Notices require a current technical support service to be operational. In any case, don't worry because you can always see the GEDEX notices statement in the menu View → Alerts.

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