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Agendas: Terms, Appointments and Tasks

Upper GEDEX editions (Jurist and Performance) include practical agendas, which state pending actions, making it easy to know your current pending workload, in a weekly style calendar.

Individual agendas Terms, Appointments and Tasks include each of them the corresponding information, and the one called Agenda contains all the information in one place.

How to access the Agendas

To display any agenda, use the View menu, and select one option (Terms, Appointments, Tasks or Agenda).

Also, use the buttons at the left vertical bar, Agenda, Terms, Appointments, Tasks.

Hint: use the Agenda button at the buttons bar to display the agenda in full screen. Otherwise, the agenda will use only half screen.

At the bottom of each agenda there are some options, allowing to print the agenda, filter cases assigned to other parterners, filter closed matters, and more.

How to add information to the agendas

Any matter has at least one client assigned to it. To organize all the matters from one single client, information is organized in matters, one card for each matter. All actions or work performed to complete one matter are stated at the Actions screen, where they can be declared or editted.

So, to insert a new project or request from a client, first create a matter card for the case, access the Actions screen, and click the appropiate button: Task, Appointment, Term, Announcement.

How to print the agendas

To print any agenda click the printer shaped button, present at the right of the agenda's title, or click the "Print" word at the bottom of the agenda.

Alternative ways to display actions

All GEDEX editions include a detailed status report, notifications agenda. Being less intuitive than the calendar-shaped agenda view, the notifications agenda contains the status of your matters.

Do not store and forget pending actions, letting them grow indefinitely and saturate the notifications agenda, as it has been limited in capacity to avoid overflowing with excessive data.

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