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BriTray - User's Manual

How to use the BriTray Icon

At the Notifications Area (next to your Windows clock) appears a bulb icon, in different colors. Use it to access the Notifications Agenda, Options Menu and help.

The icon is managed by BriTray, a shared Brindys Software component.

Clicking it with the left mouse button presents the Notifications Agenda.

Right-click it to configure the Options Menu.

How to restore the bulb icon

Maybe your system does not show the bulb icon. If the bulb dissapeared in the past, it is possible to restore it by right-clicking the mouse over GEDEX, BRiRESPA or WinRSS icons. At the context menu select Show bulb.

If you still use Windows XP, and you cannot see the bulb, maybe XP has hidden it; click the less than sign icon (titled "Show hidden icons"):

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