BriTray - User's Manual

Configuring the BriTray's Options Menu

BriTray's Options Menu offers software configuration, including notifications agenda availability, animated characters, balloon text notifications, and others.

To access the menu, click the bulb icon, and afterwards click Options button at the notifications agenda.

For faster access, right-click the bulb icon and select Options.

Access Options Menu without bulb icon

To access the menu when the bulb icon is not available, click the right mouse button over GEDEX, WinRSS or BRiRESPA icons. At the contextual menu select Options.

Available options at the Options Menu

How to hide the bulb icon

To hide the icon, click Exit option. The icon will be shown again the next time you enter Windows.

How to remove the bulb icon

To remove the bulb icon definitely, click Remove bulb icon option.

How to show animated speaking characters

If you installed the animated speaking characters support (available for free at BRiNDYS Software website), click Install characters option.

To choose an specific character, or to test voice, click Configure characters option.

How to remove animated characters

You can hide the character using the Good bye character option.

To avoid characters from appearing in the future, click Uninstall characters option.

Authorize software updates

To allow Fresh to download and install updates, click Allow software updates option. You can also perform the same downloads manually at Brindys Update.

Internet connection

To speed up internet connectivity (mainly for WinRSS), only if you have a permanent internet connection (always online, not modem or ISDN), click Permanent internet connection option. That way, internet connection detection will be bypassed. If you are experiencing WinRSS slow refresh rates, or no refresh at all, activate this option.

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