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How to restore an Automatic Backup of your Database

These instructions explain how to restore the normal operation of GEDEX after a database failure.

GEDEX performs periodic automatic backup copies in all the computers where you install GEDEX. Here in these instructions we will use one of those backups to restore your database.

The latest GEDEX versions include powerful autorepair functionality, making it able to self repair from nearly all possible damages. So, we suggest you to first install a modern GEDEX version, to avoid more repair steps.

How to restore an automatic backup copy: leaving GEDEX to do it automatically

Ensure GEDEX is not running on any of your networked computers.

Click Windows' Start button (in XP use now Execute option) and enter the following command:

note: required GEDEX revision 4100 or newer

Wait for GEDEX to finish, as it will check all available backups and this is a costly process.

How to restore an automatic backup: select one of them using GEDEX menu

Start GEDEX, an open the menu Tools - Backup copies. Wait a moment for GEDEX to test all available backups. Once the listing appears, select one of the available backups, marked as "Local OK", meaning that they are available in the computer you are using, and that they look OK to be restored.

Finally, click "Restore" to restore that particular backup. Exit GEDEX and enter again.

If any error appears, select an older automatic backup copy and try again.

Remember that you can use other computer from your network to solve this problem. Each of them have different automatic backup copies.

How to restore manually an automatic backup copy

Exit GEDEX and open one of the following usual database locations:

nota: the folder ProgramData is hidden by Windows

if still! using XP:

C:\Documents and settings\All users\Application data\GEDEX\
C:\Documents and settings\All users\Datos de programa\GEDEX\

if still!! using Windows Millennium or previous:

C:\Windows\All Users\Application Data\GEDEX\

if using a really old GEDEX version:


To enter the hidden folder ProgramData or Application data just try to open the folder using the Orb or Start button, (if using XP select now Execute...) and enter the full name of the folder.

Now, read the text file present in that folder: BACKUP or BACKUP.TXT

That file has exact location of your database and restoration instructions. Usually, it says which numbered folder has the latest automatic backup and how to copy it to your GEDEX database folder.

If the backup you are restoring has not got a file named EXPEDIAR.GDX (because it was created with GEDEX revision 3714 or previous), before copying the file you must delete the file with the same name EXPEDIAR.GDX present in your GEDEX database folder.

Because automatic backups are backup copies, the same as external backups, if you were unable to use the previous instructions, you can also use the instructions to restore an external backup copy.

If none of the automatic backups is working or available, you will need to restore an external backup copy.

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