GEDEX - User Manual

Master Password

GEDEX uses the Master password in order to limit (global) access to configuration options available. This will prevent unauthorized personnel from his office to rig the information, or simply damage your files, contact cards and authorized users.

The Master password should ideally only be known by the Administrator of GEDEX, ie the person responsible for ensuring security in the computer system.

Even if only You use the computer, or already has other security measures that prevent access to GEDEX fraudulently, the Master password is required to enable advanced features such as managing multiple users in law firms and companies.

It is also necessary to create the master password to upgrade to new versions and activate GEDEX.

Keep it safe

The Master password must be known only by the Administrator of GEDEX, a member of your office with full permission (can configure any aspect or destroy the information).

Reveal the Master password only to administrators of your office.

If an administrator reveals the Master password to another user, the latter will automatically become an administrator, proceed immediately to create a new password if you want to avoid such circumstances. The same applies if WikiLeaks discovers your master password.

How to create the Master Password

To create it, open the menu Configuration → Main configuration → Security → Change Master Password.

Freely choose a password and do not forget to reveal it to all administrators of your firm.

About Backups

Note that the Master password is stored in the GEDEX database (with encryption technology). After changing the password, the backup will remain with the old password. After recovery from a backup with the old password, new password will be inoperative (overwritten).

Therefore, if you can not access the program after recovering a backup, try to remember the old password.

If you forget your Master Password

Contact Brindys Software and we will assist you in recovering your data.

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