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Home Page of the Case's Card

This screen shows the Home Page of the matter. It contains a quick summary of the case, with the most characteristic information of the matter, including its codes, current status, deadlines and other important announcements.

GEDEX cases Home Page example

Reference Code

The Reference Code is the internal code (if any) used at your firm to identify the matter, or a sequential code autogenerated by GEDEX to distinguish each matter.

Note that beside the reference code (on its right) some buttons allow navigation to matter instances.

Extra References

You can use the Extra References box for additional codes created by your firm to identify your matters.


Tap Kind to classify the matter as Criminal, Civil, Administrative, Martial, etc. To create new matter types, use the 'Edit matter types'. Create as many types as needed.

Global Identifier

Some countries use general identification numbers or unique court numbers or procedure's numbers. Use the Global Identifier box to store those identification codes.


The matters also have the Tags box, where you can enter multiple additional identifiers. Tags are a powerful tool, allowing you to very easily browse your matters in order to search or filter some of them.

Opening date & Closing date

To indicate the dates of matter opening and closing, that is, the dates when your firm started/ended managing the matter, click on the buttons with the number [15], and a calendar will be displayed. In the calendar, click on the specific date. You can delete a date using the delete key ( ), for example, if the file has not been closed yet.

To adapt GEDEX to your regional settings (some countries display dates as 15/01/2013, others as 01/15/2013, etc.) use the Locale configuration.


Use the Freeze button (next to the Closing date) to indicate that an open matter, not yet closed, is currently stalled, paused or retired temporally.

Once you enter a Closing date, the Freeze button will no longer be available (as the matter becomes closed).

Matter Picture

If the primary client of the matter has a digitized photograph on your computer or local network, it will be displayed on the Home Page. Else, GEDEX will display a generic picture related to the matter's kind.

Five stars rating

Below the picture there is a five-stars rating. Click any of the stars to rank, classify or mark the matter, using any subjective classification scale you want. The chosen award is personal and distinct for each member of your firm, so use it freely.

Private matters

Notice in the lower right corner of the cover the presence of a padlock button called 'Private'. If you press the button, the file is considered private. In that situation, only some authorized members of your office will be able to display the matter card.

Similarly, matters marked 'Private' will not be printed (the Print button will not operate) if the user is not allowed to do so.

Additional help

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