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Clients Screen: Clients and lawyers

The Clients screen contains the list of all clients, lawyers, barristers, and any other professional in your client's part of the matter.

In addition to the matter card, GEDEX uses independent cards for each contact. Any client, lawyer, adversarial, etc is considered as a contact in GEDEX. One of your clients may appear in many different matters, but you only need to keep its personal data updated in one single card.

To declare a client in the matter card, click the 'Add Client' button. A list with all known clients will be presented (from your other matters). If the client is present on that list, just click its name.

To add a new client, click 'Add Client' and a new blank contact card will be created. There you can add all personal data for that client. Discover all the posibilites of the contact cards.

To add a new lawyer in the matter card, click the 'Add Lawyer' button. Other available parties are administratives, notaries, witnesses, experts and other parties in general.

Now that you have added the clients and lawyers, you can access its corresponding contact card just by double clicking on its names.

State that the listing displays next to your clients a person icon, shaped as a man or a woman, both in green color. Lawyers/barristers appear in grey+green color.

The green color is used in GEDEX to distinguish the client's part of the matter. The adversarial part uses red colors. Grey colors mark lawyers/barristers. So, yourself will be grey+green colored, and your clients will be green.

Main Client

When GEDEX displays listings, the main client name is shown next to the matter's title, to make it easier to remember.

If a matter contains multiple clients, one of them will be considered the Main Client. By default, it will be the first one (GEDEX will display its name in capital letters).

To mark any of the clients as Main Client, first select it (click on its name) and click the Main button. Likewise, you can define Main Lawyers, Main Professionals, and so on.

Tip: declare as Main Client the one who is to receive your invoices.

If your matter contains multiple clients, choose one of them freely. Marking any of your clients as Main Client has no further effects nor importance.

Plaintiff / Defendant / Undefined

With the Plaintiff / Defendant / Undefined button you can define if your client is the Plaintiff part in this case. As with the rest of GEDEX functionalities, you can ignore the use of this button.

Assign to you

The button Assign to you is a practical way to add yourself to the list of parties. One you add yourself to the clients list, GEDEX will know that you are one of the professionals that will be dealing with the matter, and as such will keep you informed about pending activities.

GEDEX paints in light brown the matters where you intervene (usually an open matter or a closed matter), and bluish colors the rest, which are called in GEDEX terminology "other's matters" other's matter.

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