GEDEX - User's Manual

Configure and customize GEDEX for your Firm

Use the Configuration menu, option Main configuration to customize GEDEX, including localization and adaptation to your firm's tradition.


GEDEX supports some languages, including English, Spanish, Italian and Catalonian. If you are interested in using GEDEX in any other language, contact us to get assistance in the translation process.

To select the language spoken at your firm, go to the Configuration menu → Main configuration → Language, and click your language button. If your language is not available, use the "Other languages" list to choose one.

Locale: Geographic location selection

Thanks to the international collaboration offered by some GEDEX users, the application adapts to each country: case management, contact cards, legal districts and phone prefixes. The flexible management of contact cards from multiple nations simultaneously is also included.

To select the geographic location of your firm, go to the Configuration menu → Main configuration → Locale, open the "All the world" list and double-click your continent, country and region.

From then on, GEDEX will adapt its operations to the place selected. This change affects case management, contact cards, phone prefix location, zip/postal codes, legal districts, and more.


Each office is different. There are many ways to refer to simmilar concepts, for example "open cases" or "shelved matters".

To make it more friendly and easier to understand, some GEDEX expressions can be customized to suit your office tradition.

Customize it using Configuration menu → Main configuration → Practice.


Select the currency to use with GEDEX. You can use any currency in the Western world. It is possible to combine economic data in your local currency, US$ and Euro simultaneously.

Please see Currency for further information, and how to configure the software to use your currency.


Use 'Integration' to improve GEDEX appearance or performance. Depending on your computer and operating system some options will be available.

For instance, you can enlarge the text size displayed by the program to make it easier to read.


Password protection is among the security measures offered by GEDEX. Here you can create and modify the Master Password and your own Personal Password.

Check the "Remember personal password on this computer" if you do not wish to enter your password each time you start GEDEX.

Check the "Enforce personal data protection" to meet international standards in data protection. If you uncheck this box, you can work comfortably, but more irresponsible. For example, GEDEX will not require passwords to be secure.

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