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Title Screen of the Case Card

The Title Screen of the case card contains general information about the matter.

Some fields contain a small inverted triangle (on the right). Click that triangle to choose easily the contents of the field. When clicking the triangle, a list with the contents used on other matters will appear, making it easy to repeat values used on other matters. Also, an 'Insert' option allows to create new concepts.


Use the 'Title' field to enter a brief description of the matter. Suitable values are (examples): Divorce, Property damage, Theft, Fiduciary duty, Corporate contract, Inheritance, Embezzlement, ...


Use the Jurisdiction field to describe the jurisdiction of the matter.


Use the Proceeding field to describe the proceeding of the matter.


Use the Situation field to classify the current legal situation of the matter.


Describe where the physical documents of this matter are located (for instance, the city of the office, the cabinet number). The Location field is even more usefull to locate matters closed years ago, as we move the documentation boxes out of the main office.

Barrister ref#

Here you can state some reference codes, that will be presented next to this case's barrister name.


Use the Notes field to enter free text. You can use it to include a full description of the case, to state warnings, to store important details to be taken into account. Try to be concise, but consider whether other members of your firm will understand your notes properly.

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