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General Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions about Brindys Update software updates system, about Brindys Software applications and other frequent questions about Windows for Brindys Software users. If you cannot find here an answer, please use the technical support form.

GEDEX specific questions
 > Enter the GEDEX questions section.

Help for GEDEX novice users
 > Visit GEDEX help for novice users.

What is BriTray program?
 > It manages the notifications window, icons at the tray bar, updates installation, Brindys software applications uninstallation (from Control Panel), link between installed Brindys products, start of Brindys Update and launch internet downloads (for WinRSS users).
 > You can update BriTray.

My computer never shows the bulb icon next to the clock. Why?
 > Maybe you configured the bulb icon to hide itself. If you used the "Hide bulb icon" option follow these steps: if you can see the GEDEX or BRiNOTES icon next to the clock, click one of them with the right mouse button and click "Show bulb".
 > Probably you lost or uninstalled the BriTray component, needed to display properly the updates website. Install BriTray.

How to remove the bulb icon next to the Windows clock
 > Click the bulb icon and the notifications window will be presented. Click the Options button and select Hide bulb.

Some time ago I uninstalled a Brindys Software application, and it continues to appear as installed at the updates website, along with the rest of applications I really have installed.
 > This is a feature of the website. We designed it that way to avoid downloading products for which you already have the installer available in your computer.

Hints to accelerate Windows
 > Do not use many programs at a time, do it only if you need to pass information from one to another.
 > Avoid execution of huge amounts of programs at Windows start (you can "see" them next to the Windows clock in some cases). Reboot the computer daily.
 > Close your web browser tabs (star them if you want to return, but close the tab).
 > Free at least 20% of your hard disks (remove obsolete programs, remove obsolete documents...)
 > Use frequently anti-spyware and anti-adverts software. We recommend LavaSoft Ad-Aware (we have no relationship with LavaSoft).
 > Keep your operating system updated, visit Windows Update frequently.
 > Keep your Brindys Software applications updated, visit Brindys Update.

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You may request answers to questions not addressed here via the technical support feedback form.

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