GEDEX - User's Manual

Writings Screen: Physical and Digital documentation of your case/matter

The Writings screen present at the case card allows entering references to all the documents and any other documentation digital or physical related to the case/matter. You can register any kind of files, for instance scanned files, email copies, Word documents, PDF, compressed, pictures, videos, file boxes at your storage facilities, and many more.

To add a new document, click +New. GEDEX will request its Description, please enter something that will ease its location in the future, for instance, Diligence to summon the defendant.

The 'File on disk' field allows to associate a document present in your network or harddisk. Use this field if the writting has a digital copy (as oposed to physical paper only documents). Click Show document or Open writting to open the archive with its corresponding application (Word, Adobe, Video player, Photo viewer...).

Special considerations for networks

If the file was stored in another computer in your network, after clicking 'Edit writting' click the 'Network neightbourhood' and afterwards the name of the computer.

In offices with a local area network, GEDEX can be used from some computers. If you use GEDEX in such scenario, use always network references for the files, instead of harddisk references.

For instance, use:

\\COMPUTERNAME\MATTERS\1234_2016 Escrow\Diligence to summon the defendant.DOC

instead of:

C:\Users\John\Documents\1234_2016 Escrow\Diligence to summon the defendant.DOC

and you will be able to access the file from any computer.

To simplify reading, GEDEX abbreviates the computer name and shared resource name to just three backslashes. In the previous example, GEDEX displays:

\\\1234_2016 Escrow\Diligence to summon the defendant.DOC

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