GEDEX - User's Manual

The Buttons Bar

There is a row of buttons at the top that simplify access to the cases listing, the contacts listing, the Organizer, Graphs and help, among other dinamically appearing functions:

GEDEX Buttons Bar

When GEDEX is used in computers with small monitors, the buttons bar icons are smaller:

GEDEX Buttons Bar (small screens)

The first button with the image of a folder is the most important in GEDEX. It displays a listing of your matters, cases, projects or professional managements. There you will also get some buttons to create new matter cards, organize and search for existing matters cards.

In GEDEX even the definition of your matters can be customized ("Show Cases", "Show Matters", "Show Folders"...) to match your firm's tradition, and so the button text will adapt appropriately.

The Show Contacts button, with the image of some people, displays the contacts (your clients and other interveners in any of your matters). Use it to view or print your clients, to search for clients, court's phones, etc.

The Update data button (folio shape) lets you update the current listing with updates from other computers in your office.

The Show previous cards button has links to the latest accessed cards (matters or contacts).

The Agenda button displays the full agenda of pending actions, including terms, judicial citations and tasks. Use this button to display the Agenda full screen, instead of half screen as happens when using the buttons at the left hand side of the screen (those can be shown using the View menu → Show views).

The Organizer button returns to the main screen, with alerts of interest for each of your firm's users.

The Charts (or Graphs) button will allow you to consult the historical evolution of your office, as soon as it has a little history.

The question mark button starts the user's manual main page.

Please observe the row of words at the top of the screen (File, View, Reports, Configuration,...), they give you access to the main menu of available operations.

On the right side of the screen, below the About GEDEX button, the dynamic menu is displayed, offering a collection of functions, automatically chosen based on what you are currently working on.

Customize the Buttons Bar

Since 2020, you will be able to select the size and aspect of the buttons. Click at the right hand side of the last button (About GEDEX), at the blank space, and GEDEX will offer you some variants in size and text.

Additional help

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