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Password Protection

GEDEX offers a privacy mechanism based in passwords, designed to limit non-authorized access in your firm.

To achieve more control about what can do any individual user, you can also set Access Permissions to different parts of the database.

Master Password

The Master Password allows Administrators to perform configuration changes in GEDEX.

Thanks to this Master Password GEDEX will be able to distinguish the administrators from the rest of users.

It is mandatory to know the Master Password to be able to log in as administrators in GEDEX.

There is only one Master Password, that is, it is not assigned for each user individually.

Personal Passwords

Each individual user can be assigned a Personal Password to be distinguishable from the rest of the users. The administrator is responsible to create and configure these passwords.

Thanks to the Personal password, it is possible to define Access permissions to the cases and contacts cards, so each individual user have different permissions to open the cards. For instance, you could avoid your secretary to access economy information, or use the Private checkbox to limit access to family personal data.

Remove passwords

To deactivate or remove a password, just use the same options to modify it, and when GEDEX asks for a new password, leave it blank. That way, the old password will be forgotten, and will not be necessary to use it again.

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