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Adding new Users to GEDEX

GEDEX allows multiple user access for offices where more than one person requires access to the software.

First of all choose your security politics. If you choose any "Distinguish users" option, it will be necessary to create a contact card for each member of your office.

To create each contact card, open menu Configuration → Users → Show users listing. All users will be presented on a listing.

It is possible that GEDEX requests the Master Password to ensure you are a GEDEX administrator.

The listing will show a contact with the text "<< You" stating who is the user that started GEDEX. If you are not the pointed person, do not worry now: once all the users have been created, open your own contact card and click the red house button and answer Yes when GEDEX asks you "Are you XXXXX?" (being XXXX your name).

To add a new user, click "Insert contact" button Insert contact and a new contact card will be presented. Enter user's name, and click the red house button to configure this person as GEDEX user.

You can also create group cards (one card for more than one person). For instance create a "Secretaries" user if you do not worry about different secretaries having different permissions.

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