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GEDEX - User's Manual

Thank you for your interest in GEDEX

This application offers a complete system for managing the legal cases of your firm, for solo lawyers with a single computer and law firms with computer networks.

Thanks to GEDEX Lawyer for Windows law professionals can organize and document their cases easily.

GEDEX adapts itself to your office: you don't have to change any aspect of current know-how in your practice. Simply, start adding your cases to GEDEX, and keep any other current system you were used to.

Manage your cases in a visual way, just like folders. Sort all them in a second, hide or classify some of them, and find inside of each folder all the information you would like to have there.

Terribly fast locate cases and contacts, and link them in many ways.

We suggest you to check this product documentation, where you will find explanations about the way the software behaves.

Also, please visit GEDEX website, where you will find hints, plug-ins and additional help resources.

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