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Numbering matters. Using the same codes used in your office.

Multiple users in our office. How to setup passwords and limit access to some users.


Why some cases are blue while others are brown
 > GEDEX has multi-user support (check Configuration → Users menu). Cases assigned to other members of your office will have a blue icon. Cases assigned to you will be displayed with a brown icon. A case is assigned to you when your name appears at the "Clients" screen.

How to optimize my computer for GEDEX usage
 > How to speed up GEDEX

GEDEX internal notifications do not appear at all, the list is empty or just contains "GEDEX" text
 > BriTray component has been uninstalled or removed in error. For the notifications to be displayed again, (at GEDEX) open the Help → Detect and repair errors menu option.

Pending notifications are never shown, or are being shown in advance
 > Double click the Windows clock (or use the Control Panel) and correct the time/date of your computer. If the problem continues, contact your computer's Service Dealer to replace the batteries.

Our firm is not interested in being notified about client birthdays
 > Each GEDEX user determines what notifications want to receive as balloon tooltips.
 > Open the Configuration → Internal Notifications menu and uncheck the Remember birthdays option.
 > For the notifications bulb (using balloon tips or animated speaking characters) and the notification window: to also avoid birthday notifications, open the Configuration → External Notifications menu and uncheck Remember birthdays option.


When clicking Print buttons, is it possible to preview the text before printing?
 > Yes, maintain pressed the Control (or Ctrl) key and click then the Print button. The document will be opened, allowing you to review or save it for future reference.


How to backup your database using USB/external drives/CD/DVD


I have no GEDEX license certificate. How could I assess I'm a GEDEX customer?
 > Open menu: Help → Registration and license → Purchase certificate.

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