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GEDEXUser's Manual

IT and Administrators Guide

This guide has been designed to assist IT personnel and GEDEX administrators in the process of giving technical support to your organization.

Use this guide to find practical solutions for the proper GEDEX system administration.

Please select your main focus, being it a question or problem.

GEDEX installation and additional components

GEDEX installation

Available GEDEX components

Other Brindys Software applications


Software activation

GEDEX activation on each computer.

HabilCal activation, the terms calculator.

BriSync activation, the mobile devices export component.

GEDEX local area networks

Configure GEDEX Local Area Networks

Problems accesing your database


Questions about security

Software deploying

Prepare GEDEX for multiple users usage

Usage and common operations

Configuration and customization

Check other tasks



Moving GEDEX from one computer to another

How to perform Security Backups

Unlink old firm members

Change database location

Change documents location

Additional help

GEDEX User's Manual


Technical Support

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