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GEDEX Activation

GEDEX the professional legal case management software for law firms, corporate legal departments and professional offices requests after several days of running the software Activation. This process is a measure of containment of software piracy and indirect reduction of the rates of the product, to prevent the software from being used on computers that do not have an usage license.

Activation is a simple process for the customer, who can do it almost with several mouse clicks. In fact, if you are using Microsoft Windows, or Microsoft Office, it is likely that you have already activated the products so much as will enable GEDEX, only this time you will have complete access to all information that is transmitted.

Please read the following to learn in more detail what the software activation is.

How is it done

You send Brindys Software an activation email and subsequently receive an email with an activation password, to be entered by you into GEDEX. The email you receive contains very simple and detailed instructions to activate the software.

To accelerate the activation process, start GEDEX and click F12 key, or open menu Help > Registration and license > Product activation.

When asked what GEDEX activation method you prefer to use, choose Send Email.

GEDEX will ask for your Customer Code, please enter it.

When prompted for the Code-S of the last email you sent us, please find the latest email sent to us, and there you will find the latest Code-S. In case you have lost the previous email, please enter the date of dispatch, separating with a minus sign, as in this example: 31-May-2018

Finally, GEDEX will create a document in your notepad program. The document will be available at your Desktop folder, with the name GEDEX.TXT (with the notepad icon). Please send us by e-mail that file as an attachment, or alternatively copy and paste the text that will appear in your notepad program. You can also print the document using menu File > Print.

Example email with the codes

Deadline to activate the software

If you keep your e-mail with the activation passwords, you can reuse them after reinstalling the software GEDEX. You can request activation passwords for your computer from the date of purchase of usage licenses for up to 3 or 6 months, or by extending technical support. This does not mean GEDEX stops working after that time, just that new passwords for additional activations may not be requested.

If you purchase a technical support extension, the period of time increases, for a limited number of additional activations.

If you have multiple computers and the activation password does not work, consider maybe the computer using it on is the wrong one, because activation passwords are different on each computer. In that case, look for the password for the computer that you are activating.

How many times can the software be activated

If you keep the e-mail with the activation password, you can re-use it after reinstalling the software GEDEX. In the case of losing the e-mail or if the activation password do not run, you can request activation passwords for your computer up to two additional times to the first activation (3 in total) during the months of technical support or expanding technical support.

If you have multiple computers and the activation password does not work, consider maybe the computer using it on is the wrong one, because activation passwords are different on each computer. In that case, look for the password for the computer that you are activating.

When is it necessary to activate the software

When GEDEX is first installed on a computer, if reinstalling GEDEX on the same computer or if installing it on a new one, after formatting the hard drive, after installing/reinstalling the operating system, after using "Refresh your PC" or "Reset your PC" functions, after changing computer or main components (CPU, drive and network hardware).

If you do not make any such changes to your computer, you do not need to re-activate the software. Otherwise, the activation password changes, and it is required to activate again the software, requesting a new e-mail with a new activation password.

Local area networks: Where is GEDEX software to be activated

The network server and each network station where GEDEX is installed must be activated. Activate first the server computer, and then the other client computers (network stations). The e-mail activation is different for each computer, so we need one for each of them.

How to move an activation to a new computer

Activations are not moved. Only usage licenses have to be moved.

How to use GEDEX without activation

While you receive your activation password, please use the product as if it were the evaluation edition, limiting the total number of cases and contact cards. Once the limit is exceeded some cards will not be accesible. Use only the printing options available directly at the Reports menu (that is, the global listings in HTML format. To read any contact card or case card, use the stated options at the Reports menu.

What are the codes in the activation email

The text that appears in the notepad or printed, contains your email address (where you want us to send the response), your Customer Code, and three identification strings (hashes) of the computer, identifying the software, operating system and hardware. To avoid common transmission errors, the strings appear in up to six different formats.

How to extend the Technical Support service

Please read the technical support extension or usage licenses extension for further information.

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