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Welcome to the online documentation of HabilCal, the dates and deadlines calculator from Brindys Software.

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Please use this documentation to discover all the product's features.

HabilCal features for Dates and Deadlines calculation

HabilCal performs quick calculations of dates, such as the sum of days to a specific date, the distance between two dates, discount or substract days from an end date, and other related functions.

You can determine the use of calendar days, working or business days.

For legal professionals, HabilCal is prepared specifically for calculating legal deadlines, with and without counting Saturdays and holidays (or your country non-working days). We have added international support thanks to the help of worldwide lawyers.

Additionally GEDEX uses HabilCal, allowing to start the program from the case cards.

Find a Lawyer

If you are not a legal professional, to get advice on the calculation of legal deadlines we recommend that you contact a trusted lawyer.

Contact and feedback

Please send us your ideas to enhance the next version of HabilCal. Also, if you detect differences in your local way of calculating deadlines, mistranslations or have any other idea, please tell us.

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