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Problems accessing your database

If any of your networked client computers has problems accessing the GEDEX server, maybe the shared folder security is not well configured.

The GEDEX server uses a shared folder to mantain your local area network communications. The shared folder is the GEDEX database, usually the   C:\GEDEX\   folder. The database folder has to be shared with Read and Write permissions, and with the name GEDEX$ (ending with the dollar sign).

Verify the security permissions given to the GEDEX shared resource where your database is shared, that is, the GEDEX$ resource, and check that your local area network users are allowed to access it, for instance, from a networked client computer try to access (using Start, Execute) the shared resource \\server\gedex$

What permissions should be given to the shared resource

Assign Total Control, Change and Read permissions to All users, for the following resource:


To change the shared resource permissions, you first need to find the folder where the resource is located, that is, the location of your GEDEX database.

Once your networked client computer is able to contact with the server, check again the given permissions, and adjust them to allow only authorized users to access the shared resource.

For further information, please read sharing folders in a local area network.

Single computers

If you get any errors accesing your database, but your GEDEX usage license is for a single computer, restore a backup.

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