GEDEXGEDEX Usage License

GEDEX Usage Licenses

The use of the GEDEX computer application (also called Brindys GEDEX) is subject, among others, to the terms and conditions described below in this text, which describes the GEDEX Usage License.

The GEDEX Usage License is the contract or authorization from Brindys Software for a natural or legal person or company, that allows the use of GEDEX the software application.

The following summarizes certain terms of use and conditions that affect you directly, as a result of installing this software application. Read this text carefully before deciding whether to accept the terms of use and conditions that appear here. If you do not agree with them, you can not use the application, and should be uninstalled immediately.

On the evaluation version of GEDEX: It is expressly authorized to application distribution channels, shareware distributors, legal magazines, technology magazines, program libraries, and other media whose profit does not originate in the sale of software, to include the evaluation version of GEDEX on their archives, provided that the content of all the component files of the application is kept intact. It is also authorized to include with the file (in zip format or similar) advertising of the distribution channel.

On the evaluation version of GEDEX: It can be used for an unlimited time, completely anonymously without having to fill out forms or give us your data, without commitment and fully functioning before your purchase. You can create a limited number of cases and contacts, to decide at any time the purchase of the commercial version.

On the evaluation version of GEDEX: This application can be used for the purpose of product evaluation, provided that the application has not been altered. It is strictly forbidden to use this application should have been altered by modifying its code, documentation or any other component of it.

It is forbidden to reverse engineer the application code, disassemble the application, alter its operation, as well as decrypt the files that form it. The possession of any file component of the application, with evidence of tampering, by whatever means, is expressly prohibited and will be subject to legal prosecution for violating copyright.

The use of this software application is also subject to the terms of use and conditions described in your purchase invoices of Brindys GEDEX Usage Licenses. Read carefully your purchase invoices of GEDEX Usage Licenses, before deciding if you accept the terms of use and conditions that appear therein. If you do not accept them, you can not use the application, and it must be uninstalled immediately.

The use of this software application is also subject to the terms and conditions described in the Data Protection Clause of Brindys Software.

By using this software product you indicate that you have read and accepted the terms of use and conditions that appear here, both in your own name and on behalf of the rest of the users of your computer. In case you want to make an exception, you can not use the application, and it must be uninstalled immediately.

Also, by using this software product you indicate that you have read and accepted the terms of use and conditions that appear on your purchase invoices for GEDEX Usage Licenses.

Read carefully all the aforementioned documents, before deciding if you accept the terms of use and conditions that appear in them. If you do not accept them, you can not use the application, and it must be uninstalled immediately.

If you use GEDEX in the European Union, you can indicate if you want to accept or not accept these terms of use and conditions by visiting the RGPD page and sending us the form that appears on it.

The copyright on the application remains with the author, Brindys Software.

The information contained in this text and in the text of the GEDEX Usage License, including URLs and websites, is subject to modifications without prior notice only by Brindys Software.

It is the user's responsibility to comply with all applicable copyright or other intellectual property rights. No part of this text may be reproduced, stored or entered into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) for any purpose, without prior written authorization of Brindys Software, without this implying any limitation to the rights of industrial or intellectual property.

Brindys Software may hold patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights and other rights of industrial or intellectual property of the content of this text and the content of the GEDEX Usage License. The possession of this document does not give you any license to these patents, trademarks, copyrights or other rights of industrial or intellectual property, unless it is expressly provided for in any written license agreement from Brindys Software.

The fraudulent or inappropriate use of the application may cause damage to the computer system, of which the author can not be held responsible.

Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions may be subject to legal prosecution for violating copyright.

A license for the execution of GEDEX in full or commercial version is granted only to the user or staff of the firm or legal department that has acquired the product, in the equipment for which usage licenses have been acquired.

Brindys Software can not guarantee the future availability of compatible computer equipment, operating systems or systems where GEDEX works properly. Operating systems that have completed their life cycle according to the manufacturer (Microsoft Corporation) will not longer have official support in GEDEX, although it may be possible to continue using GEDEX in that operating system. Brindys Software can not guarantee that GEDEX is installable or usable in such operating systems, nor in operating systems for which GEDEX was not designed.

The old versions of GEDEX that have completed their life cycle according to Brindys Software will not have assistance or the possibility of being activated again. It is recommended to keep the software updated with new versions. The user can download the free updates that are made of its version, variant and specific edition of GEDEX, through the special website for customers. This update download service is free for the client, and is subject to the availability of such updates. Some editions (mainly the most economical) have limited possibility of downloading.

GEDEX Usage Licenses end their validity when the customer has been a minimum of four years without contracting additional use licenses or technical support service in any of its modalities. At the end of their validity, the GEDEX Usage Licenses may not be extended or converted to other editions, nor will the prices offered on the GEDEX websites be applied, but exchanges for other Usage Licenses may be made. This does not affect the operation of GEDEX, only the possibility of extending or converting to other editions. When the client has been a minimum of two years without contracting the technical support service in any of its modalities, said service will be closed, and the prices offered on the GEDEX websites will no longer apply. This service may be restarted by starting a new contract.

The additional services offered to customers allow among other possibilities to make new software installations, activation, purchase of new computers, specific configuration to adapt the software to special uses of the client, recovery of passwords or data. As a reminder, GEDEX shows notices during its execution regarding the expiration of the contracted services.

The GEDEX Usage Licenses authorize the use in a specific operating system, with real hardware, expressly excluding virtual or virtualized machines, or with emulated hardware. Microsoft Virtual Server, virtualized computers and virtual machines (such as Virtual PC, VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation and others) not supported.

GEDEX allows you to use different operating systems in each of the computers of your local network. Requires a personal computer with any of the following 32 or 64-bit operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Vista Service Pack 2, 2008 R2, XP Service Pack 2, XP Service Pack 3, 2003, including Home, Professional, Ultimate, Workstation, Server and Advanced Server versions. Requires Intel or AMD 32 or 64-bit processors. RT systems such as Windows 8 RT, for usinmg incompatible processors (ARM and others) are not supported. No longer supported: Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 and earlier), Windows XP (Service Pack 1 and earlier), 95, 98, 98 Second Edition, Millennium, 2000, NT 4.0 and earlier. The change of operating system or the reinstallation of the same operating system or the use of the new functions of "Refresh your PC" (in Spanish Update PC), "Reset your PC" (in Spanish Reset PC) and "Restore your PC" (in Spanish Restore PC) is expressly considered Moving the Usage License to a new computer.

Types of Usage Licenses

If your GEDEX Usage License is determined by computers, it will be in those computers where you can use the software. For example, a GEDEX Usage License of Standalone, Server or Network Station type only authorizes use on a computer, not several computers or computer sequences.

If your GEDEX Usage License is determined by a natural or legal person (for example, a Corporate GEDEX Usage License), it will be said natural or legal person who can use the software in a finite set of computers.

The GEDEX Usage Licenses are assigned to computers, not by number of total users or number of simultaneous users. Each computer where GEDEX is installed requires a GEDEX Usage License.

Activation of Usage Licenses

When activating a computer, one usage license is definitively associated to a specific computer. If in the future you need to use the usage license in another computer, it will be necessary to move the license to the new computer ("Moving Usage Licenses"), or to acquire a new usage license.

This product uses technological measures for copy protection and to reduce software piracy. GEDEX requests after several days of operation the activation of the software, to prevent the software from being used on computers that do not have GEDEX Usage Licenses. No license shall be granted for the execution of GEDEX or for the use of this product, if you do not follow all the procedures for the activation of your GEDEX Usage Licenses in each computer. These procedures are detailed at Activation of GEDEX Usage Licenses as well as in the product documentation.

GEDEX Usage Licenses can be activated and moved (transferred) to new computers, but it is necessary to have the technical support service in force (or you can also purchase a technical support extension). With the purchase of your first usage licenses of type Standalone or Server it is included 6 months of technical support; for the rest (including net stations and second licenses for home) 3 months.

Deadline to activate the software and how many times can the software be activated: You can request the activation passwords for your computer from the date of purchase of your first usage licenses for up to 3 or 6 months, up to three times. You can request further activation passwords by expanding technical support. This does not mean GEDEX stops working after that time, only that it will not be possible to request new additional activation passwords. If you have contracted an extension of technical support, unless otherwise indicated, the term increases for twelve months or up to three additional activations (whichever is consumed before).

When is it necessary to activate the software: When first installed on a computer, if you reinstall GEDEX in the same computer or install it in a new one, after formatting the hard disk, when installing/reinstalling the operating system, when using the new operating system functions "Refresh your PC" (in Spanish Update PC), "Reset your PC" (in Spanish Reset PC) and "Restore your PC" (in Spanish Restore PC), when changing computer or main components (CPU and network hardware). If you do not make any of these changes on your computer, you will not need to activate the software again. Otherwise, the necessary activation password changes, and it is required to activate again the software, requesting a new e-mail with a new activation password.

How to use GEDEX before activating: To use GEDEX even before it has been activated, follow these instructions: While waiting for your activation password to arrive, use the product as if it were the evaluation version, limiting the total number of contact records and cases. You will not be able to query or modify some records, cases or contacts. If you are installing GEDEX in a network, make use of the server computer solely, as the records produced in other computers will no longer be available once connected to the network.

In local area networks, where is GEDEX software to be activated: The network server and each network station where it is installed must be activated. Activate first the server computer, and then the other client computers (network stations). The activation e-mail is different for each computer, so it is necessary that you send us one for each one of them.

Moving Usage Licenses

Moving a usage license (that is, activating a new computer and deactivating an old one) is a simple process, equivalent to the one performed to activate your first computer.

GEDEX Usage Licenses can be activated and moved (transferred) to new computers, but it is necessary to have the technical support service in force (or you can also purchase a technical support extension).

How to move activation to a new computer: The activations are not transferred, only GEDEX Usage Licenses.

If you want to move a usage license from one computer to another, see the step by step instructions about moving your GEDEX Usage Licenses in the web address

About the Brindys Customer Code

To activate GEDEX on each computer, GEDEX will require your Brindys Customer Code. This code is only known to the owner who made the purchase of the GEDEX Usage Licenses. For more information about this code please visit Brindys Customer Code.

Keep your Brindys Customer Code confidentially, as it is a password, and could otherwise be used illegally to activate GEDEX on computers outside your office. In that case, all GEDEX Usage Licenses may be invalidated for contravening the purchase conditions and for violating copyright.

About GEDEX Local Networks

In local networks, you only need Usage Licenses for the computers where you install GEDEX, not for all the computers in your entire network.

In local networks, the computer with Server-type Usage License can be used to work in GEDEX as the rest of the computers with network station type licenses; that is, you can create and query information from the Server computer.

On the available Editions of GEDEX

The Standard and Estudio editions are only available in (south and center) Latin America. The Starter, Classic, Juris and Premium editions are only available in Spain. Rest of the world users use Performance, Jurist, Regular and Essentials editions.

The Performance, Premium and Studio editions are the only ones that allow configuration for Multiple Users and access to the Agenda of Deadlines and Citations.

The Juris, Jurist, Premium and Estudio editions are the only ones that allow issuing invoices (with limitations depending on the country).

The Classic, Regular, Standard, Juris, Jurist, Premium and Estudio editions are the only ones that allow printing and generating reports on the screen.

The Classic, Regular and Standard editions do not allow configuration for Multiple Users or access to the Agenda of Deadlines and Citations.

The Starter and Essentials editions do not allow to print, generate reports or invoices, configuration for Multiple Users or access to the Agenda of Deadlines and Citations.

Purchase Certificates

You can easily certify the ownership of your GEDEX Usage Licenses. Please visit Purchase Certificates website.

Original GEDEX Usage Licenses text written in Spanish

The original GEDEX Usage Licenses text was written in Spanish. We tried to respect fully the meaning of the original text, but please let us know if you recommend us some semantic or syntactic improvement. If you are reading this Usage License in English, please bear in mind that this translation is not authorized for use as a legal license. Please read the original text in Spanish.

About the Data and Backups

It is the responsibility of the user to create backup copies on external media (optical disks, external disk drives, USB flash drives, paper printing, etc.) of the information entered in GEDEX. Brindys Software does not guarantee that backup copies will help recover information in case of loss or destruction of the GEDEX database.

Brindys Software does not assume any type of responsibility before any eventual loss of data, partial or total, since the application is a help tool that does not substitute other methods of archiving, management or documentary control. The customer expressly exonerates Brindys Software from any responsibility to that effect.

Brindys Software strongly recommends the use of operating system mechanisms for data encryption such as Microsoft BitLocker or free products such as VeraCrypt, with which the encryption of hard drives and other storage units such as pendrives (keychain discs) or USB memories occurs.

Use of GEDEX in the European Union

The new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter "GDPR") entails new obligations and responsibilities for those who process personal data.

The GDPR urges that clear terms and phrases without legal terminology be used so that they are easily understood. But our clients are lawyers, so we do not know which is better.

Before the entry into force in May 2018 of the GDPR, as well as currently in countries outside the European Union, GEDEX allowed its use completely unrelated to the continuing professional services of Brindys Software. It allowed us to offer our professional service without periodic payments. We are very proud to have been able to offer our service in such a competitive and economical way. Now it is impossible to give all those services for free, given the new obligations and responsibilities mentioned. But still we have designed an alternative way that allows some of our customers to continue using GEDEX without additional costs. Therefore, we have prepared two alternative systems that allow our customers to make a decision regarding the use they will give to GEDEX.

According to the GDPR in no case GEDEX will be used to store or process personal data of special categories, nor processing on a large scale, nor personal data related to convictions or criminal offenses or related security measures. As an exception in Spain and in accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5th, the data processing referring to convictions and criminal offenses, as well as related precautionary and security procedures and measures, will only be possible when they are carried out by lawyers and solicitors and aim to collect the information provided by their clients for the exercise of their functions.

They are also prohibited: the processing of personal data revealing ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions or union affiliation, the processing of genetic data, biometric data aimed at univocally identifying a natural person, health-related data or data related to sexual life or sexual orientations of an individual.

The owner of GEDEX Usage Licenses (both new customers and former customers of the past century) must expressly decide if he wants Brindys Software to process data using the GEDEX software (hereinafter "Option-Yes-Treatment"), or choose to use GEDEX without your personal data being processed by Brindys Software through the GEDEX software (hereinafter, "Option-NO-Treatment").

In the first case (Option-Yes-Treatment) the so-called SSTYT Technical Support and Treatment Service will be contracted. This service is equivalent to the old service "Expansion of Technical Support" and additionally offers our professional service so that GEDEX can be used to process personal data, including all the obligations and responsibilities of the new GDPR that affect Brindys Software as authors of the GEDEX software. This SSTYT service must be maintained in force (contracting it periodically), usually through an annual payment.

In the second case (Option-NO-Treatment) the owner of GEDEX Usage Licenses opts for Brindys Software to be unlinked, stop treating the personal data of the owner of GEDEX Usage Licenses, and cease to have any responsibility or knowledge about the personal data that the user license owner can manage with the software. For compatibility with the basic services of operation of the software, at the moment, the owner may contract the so-called SSTNT Technical Support Service Without Treatment (equivalent to the old service "Extension of Technical Support") that allows to move the GEDEX Usage Licenses to new computers, have additional functionality in the software, get help in data repair, among many other functions. In this case, there is no need for periodic renewal, only when the client needs one of their services, being able to spend a lot of time without hiring anything. The owner of GEDEX Usage Licenses must stop making professional use of the software and not store personal data susceptible to treatment, in accordance with the GDPR.

We offer a grace period until August 25, 2019 for all of our former customers to decide which option they prefer. Until then, we will consider that whoever has not positioned himself still has the "Option-Yes-Treatment". After that date, whoever has not been positioned will become "Option-NO-Treatment".

Customers with Option-Yes-Treatment may exchange said option for Option-NO-Treatment, completely free of charge, at any future time, thus avoiding periodic payments.

Customers with Option-No-Treatment may exchange this option for the Option-Yes-Treatment option, which will invalidate their old GEDEX Usage Licenses, contracting new GEDEX Usage Licenses.

Independence of the clauses

If any of the provisions of the GEDEX Usage License or of the rest of the documents referred to from it were declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable by a competent authority to any extent, said condition or provision shall remain in that same measure separate from the rest of the conditions and provisions, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Thank you

Brindys Software thanks you sincerely for having opted for one of our computer software products, in continuous development thanks to the suggestions of clients like you for more than 27 years (since 1996).

Important: If you believe that the software of Brindys Software you obtained was not legally distributed and/or may be false, contact Brindys Software by any means.

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